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Thread: Jetboat/V-Drive photos needed.

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    That's right...
    I am asking everyone who has a TPC carb mounted aboard their mules to send me any and all images marked on the subject line "TPC T-Shirt" of their boats in action, sitting still, or what not preferably OT-Header versions.
    So far this is the image we have slatted, but the TPC mule just isn't going to cut it. This is why I am having our artist re-do the T-shirt until it's cherry...
    Who's ever boat is selected will get two shirts of course plus there boat will be done in color vice the other images in one color.
    I know of 8 of ya that have very photogenic boats.
    One of your boats, or a combo of will replace the boat you see here.

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    Hello Ty,
    I suppose a black hull won't work.....
    If you're interested, let me know and I'll send you files (saving a file destroys a little data).
    p.s. If you like the overhead shot of the hull but w/o shadows, I can take another one specifially for your application.

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    Beautiful Noise
    LakesOnly,Nice Boat
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    Beautiful Noise
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