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Thread: What hulls are similar in design to a 22 Pachanga

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    I am looking to buy a used boat with an deep Vee like a Sea Ray Pachanga.
    My previous boat was a Magic 230SS and it was a good lake boat, but that delta pad knocked your fillings out in rough water.
    Any tips on which Hulls are Similar in performance to the Pachanga would be Appreciated.
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    spectras only
    If you find a Mirage 21 or 23 footer,[not Jaguar] from washington state,it has a deep V and a sharp entry for super rough water handling.The price would be comparable with the searay.The Mirage 27 intimidator is also similar to the 27 pachanga with a slightly smaller cabin.
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    If your still looking for something similar to a 22 Pachanga I have a 22 Powerquest for sale. The 2 are really similar, The PQ has more freeboard and a deeper V 454, Bravo 1 O/D, has more cockpit room and is faster. Real fast and rides like a cadillac.

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    I had a 24' Donzi Blackwidow that handled the SoCal coastline very well. I made multiple trips to Catalina in some relatively big water. I switched to a 27' Fountame and wished I hadn't. I felt much more secure in the Donzi when it got rough.

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    The two that come immediately to mind are the Four Winns Liberator, and the VIP Vindicator. There is an extremely clean Vip Vindicator for sale here in AZ., It belongs to B-rad502 from this board, if your looking, his is totally worth a look.

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    I believe Envision might be the old Pachanga molds.... I might be wrong, but they look VERY similar.

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