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Thread: So I just gave my notice at work today

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    Kinda scary to think about going out on my own but I'm pretty stoked about it at the same time.
    It sure felt good to tell my boss I'm going down the road. He's trying to learn how to use AutoCad right now. Pretty funny to watch I must say. Hope he's a quick learner as there is lots to do.

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    Congrats SD. Everyone who I know who has done it says signing the front of the checks is the only way to go.
    Jordy <---- pretty ok signing the back these days.

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    Off on your own doing.........?

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    Phat Matt
    Off on your own doing.........?
    He's going to make billet 496 engine covers.

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    H20 Toie
    Congrats, being your own boss has it's ups and downs, i learned the hard way not to go into business with the wife But the business is doing great.

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    SD, best of luck to you out on your own and here's to a very prosperous New Year for you and your family.

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    Congratulations Dave, I know from experience its spooky at first, but you're the kind of guy who will make it. Good luck, I hope to run across you now and then...

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    That is really great to hear! I hope in 2006 you make a killing!!! Congratulations Dave!!!!

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    Congratulations Dave. I will be doing the same very of luck to you in your new ventures to come. :clover:

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    a catered life
    congrats and best of luck to you dave its a hard world out there but someone's gotta shave the bad i was thing about something else

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