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Thread: Prices of NORDIC boats going up??

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    Not So Fast
    Story in Todays News Herald. Nordic Boats fined $94,000 for alleged air quality violations. ADEQ described Nordic as a major source of styrene, a hazardous air pollutant. It is used to develope resin. The boat builder is now in compliance. The article also stated that a few other boat builders were under review here in Havasu. :idea: Wonder who that would be?? NSF

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    Im sure the new owner is real happy about that.

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    The new guy must have not been informed about the monthly payoff to the city council?

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    I dont think the new owner will be botherd much with 94k i think he spent that last yr just in race gas for all his boats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I doo know that watch out for Nordic in the future should be new sick stuff coming out of there.

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    Had lunch today with the new owner of Nordic, he had other things on his mind...

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    The new guy must have not been informed about the monthly payoff to the city council?
    What City Council?
    Air quality and permits are issued and enforced by the Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality.
    Unless you're talking about all the OTHER payoffs.

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