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Thread: Merry Christmas Busby...........

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    After sitting here by the Christmas tree and enjoying some holiday cheer <hiccup> I was thinking about the past year and all the laughs I enjoyed. It took me back to your July "Mass of Water" experiment and I was wondering how the "Physics, Statics and Dynamics" were progressing in the Busby family. Particularly your Jr Scientist protege' and the M.O.M. team.
    Please give my best to Brian Jr and Gina for a Very Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.
    Thanks for the laughs in 2005 -
    Traci :rollside:

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    Hey Traci ... no problem ... we're here for ya ... we might have to break out Little Brian again for some more experiments here now that he's on x-mas break ...
    As you can tell ... I have a lot of time on my hands sitting around the house ... and Team M.O.M. still has the band aids ready when I get that whild hair ...
    Skateboards & Firehoses was a great kick off ... but I think I need to revisit Little Brian torture now that he has some time to spend with the ol' man
    Thanks for the x-mas shout out ... and keep tuned, you never know what we might be up to!

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