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Thread: More chaingun footage

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    would go good here.....
    Tribute thread (http://www.***

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    Fast Freddy
    that was bad azz. thanx 4 sharin. makes me wanna go shoot my .50 caliber browning machinegun

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    would go good here.....
    Tribute thread (http://www.***
    yes it would....I didnt see that ..until then tribute...I posted that last Christmas........excellent tribute!

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    Dillon Precision, they are a local Scottsdale Company with some pretty interesting toys to say the least.

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    That is freakin insane........where can I get one?

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    but shes fun to watch...

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    In the later part of that chain gun video, can anyone tell me who the orchestra is that plays that song?

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    Red Horse
    Generally every 5th round is a tracer. MORS AB ALTO baby!!! (Death from above)

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    Thanks, between thewine and that vid,

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