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Thread: Stoker boats

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    I need some info on who builds these. I had it once before but time and lack of $$ made me lose it. I know the guys name is Al, but does anybody have the business name and phone $$

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    I believe the Knuckleheads and Jackpunx have a Stoker.

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    John's custom marine...
    I think its one of the banners on HB :wink:
    8437 Katella Ave
    Stanton, CA 90680
    (714) 827-7920

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    HP350 has a nice one with a blower motor that was for sale earlier this Fall. Not sure if it sold or not, but that's another route you can get good info from.
    Good luck.

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    well thanks MOBrian.
    Boat is still for sale..........

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    We have one too!

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    Thanks for all the info
    I talked with hp350sc and like what I see.

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    Nice chatting with you Josh, you will not be disappointed. Hope to hear from you soon, Merry X-mas!

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    John and Alan over in Stanton. They have always built a quality boat. They are one of the few small companies that actually has the knowledge to build and race it. If you go way back they were part of small crews that put together the first mod vp bottoms. They are no bullshit guys!

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    Al is a good guy, and his boats are a class act.

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