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Thread: oil pan needed,

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    Hello, looking for oil pan (drce pattern) bbc , v drive of course, PLEASE HELP

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    I think you better give up. Not common at all. Try the typical used websites and Ebay. Then it is new time. And expensive. I do have a pan that might be the pattern...but it is dry sump. I'm not sure it is the right pattern. It looks like a BBC pan in all areas except the bolt pattern.

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    DAN OLSON, makes one but they want 750.00 , i just wanted to check,maybe some knew where one of these needles in a hay stack,was,

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    You might try posting this at More racers there and like you say...shot in the dark.

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    I've got a DRCE wet sump pan that is not for a v-drive. If you have a friend that is a good welder it may save you a buck.

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