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Thread: Perfect Boating beverage holders

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    http://www.*** , look forward to seeing some of these at the Boat Show

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    Wet Dream
    They're not big enough.

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    the hippy looking dude looks like their number one fan!!!lol

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    Imagine the size of the cup holders in the new breed of boats!!!
    Maybe Froggy can put them in the 2nd Gen Revolution!!! J/K Wes!!!!

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    they could certanly put my favorite red plastic party cups out of buisness.........

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    Theyt would empty a KEG pretty fast

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    Chase looks like someone puked in the clear one... :yuk:

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    "But officer, I only had ONE beer, really!"

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    "But officer, I only had ONE beer, really!"
    Now that there is funny no matter who ya are!!!

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    "But officer, I only had ONE beer, really!"
    ROTFLMAO :rollside:

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