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    just throwin this out there see if anyone might be interested. this was my first boat and did alot of work to it but now have the erge for somethin else. faster bigger all that stuff. anyway its a 79 southwind jet turn key boat. new stringer, new floor, new carpet, new motor. motor only has about 15 hours on it built by burbank speed dyno tuned with some nice goodies in it. heres some pics if anyone is interested pm me for more info. 9000OBO

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    very nice,clean lookin boat!

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    thanks its a sweet boat alot of time and money went into it just have the little bigger faster urge..

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    Nice boat. After you, There is a moritorium on any Southwind selling on these boards. No more for at least 6 months. I went for ever without ever seeing a SWTD until I saw petrofied and now there is one for sale on here every day. Please... make it stop.
    Good luck on selling the boat. You shouldn't have a problem. Too bad it isn't summer time, it would be gone already. Try That is where people actually buy stuff.

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    thanks this was my first boat and have learned alot with it. now im lookin for something a little bigger and faster.

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