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Thread: Discovery Channel program filmed in Bridgewater Channel premieres tonight

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    Special to the News-Herald/Jarrod Lyman Personal watercraft racer Chris MacClugage jumps two houseboats during a practice run for the show Stunt Junkies, which was filmed in Lake Havasu City late last year. The show airs today at 8 p.m.
    Jumping five houseboats on a personal watercraft - no sweat.
    Lake Havasu City hosted the Discovery Channel film crew last fall to produce an episode of its new series, Stunt Junkies. The show, which was filmed in the Bridgewater Channel, is set to hit the air tonight.
    “While the main focus is on the stunt itself, the Discovery Channel also showcases the city a great deal - this show is of great promotion value to the city,” said Jarrod Lyman, promotions manager for the Lake Havasu City Convention and Visitors Bureau and who helped arrange the filming. “The scenic beauty, the London Bridge and the Channel are all center stage for everyone to see. You couldn't buy this kind of air time.”
    The series came to Lake Havasu City to film a renowned personal watercraft racer attempting a dangerous stunt - jumping five houseboats in the Bridgewater Channel. Local rider, Chris MacClugage, performed the event for national television filming.
    According to Lyman, the show was filmed with hundreds of fans and curious onlookers cheering the famed rider on. “This really was a great opportunity for so many,” he said. “It was a great chance for the city to shine in front of the camera. It will help promote the sport of PWC racing and it was a great chance for MacClugage to show off his skills. All of those elements combined will make this a great show.”
    According to the, Stunt Junkies is, “An immersive, weekly series in which the world's best extreme sports athletes, designers and stunt fabricators execute one unbelievable, hair-raising stunt.”
    Discovery Channel's Stunt Junkies explain the watercraft jump on its Web site for viewers, “Known as the “Mac Attack” for his aggressive riding style, Chris MacClugage is a dominant force on the personal watercraft racing circuit. Now, Chris is going to attempt to jump five houseboats, an unprecedented, and extremely dangerous, stunt.”
    Through a highly developed kinetic awareness, extreme athletes are able to slow time down in intense situations that would cause the average person to panic, the Web site stated. Stunt Junkies takes viewers inside the lives and minds of the athletes during the entire episode.
    “Every episode builds to the day of the big stunt, from concept through training and testing to the final eye-popping conclusion. Each show explores the science behind the stunts and explores not only the science of why the stunt works, but why some stunts go horribly wrong,” the Web site concluded.
    The show will premiere Tuesday at 11 p.m. on NPG Cable channel 29. Satellite subscribers may see it at a different time, depending on their feed. The episode will rerun several times during the month of March.

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    Discovery Channel website says it starts @ 10pm et/pt.

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    ..........and Dish Network guide shows it on @ 7pm. Go figure. Just leave the TV on.l

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    Starts 11pm here in AZ MST

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    Wow, 1/2 hour show and he didn't reach his goal of 4 houseboats. Good try though.

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    pretty cool defintely some good air.Nice to still see a stand up ski vs the gay sit down type.Didnt know they are begining to use 4 stroke motors in a stand up though.

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