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Thread: HELP HELP Chevy Engine Guys

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    OK Boys I need your help, Iツ知 building a Small Block Chevy for my boat. I have set the Valves and was ready to set it in the Boat. Before I put the intake on I Poured oil all down the lifter galley and set to prime the engine. All was going well pressure came up looking good. All the left side rockers filled up nice, Squirtin like little gushers. The right side Dead, Nadda, Zip, Dry. Iツ知 talking 30 mins of priming Hell my Drill is still smoking. I tried rotating the engine around twice. Nadda. Has anyone ever had this happen before? In a way iツ知 glad I did this before I set the engine in the boat. Iツ知 at a loss. Thanks for all your input.

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    What's your oil pump primer like? Is it the kind that just turns the pump with a straight shaft? Or does it have a collor type deal that keeps the oil from leaking out of the distributor hole?

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    Aquaholic,what type of lifters are you running? If they are hydraulic flat tappets,did you soak them in oil?Did you leave any oil galley plugs out?I would have someone operate the drill while you crank the motor.You may have some dirt plugging up the passages.Let us know what happens.GoodLuck!DEL51

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    SD, Now that you say that, I have the Shaft type and oil is around the shaft when im priming up to the base of the lifter galley. Im going to rip apart an old distributor and see if that makes a differnce. Thanks

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    SD, You are the MAN, I put an old distributor shaft in the engine and Man does it pump oil. I never thought about the passageway around the distributor shaft going to the lifters. Man did you save me a bunch of unnecessary work. I owe you Beer hell a case of beer. Thanks again for your help.

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    No problem buddie. I drink all three kinds, cold, warm & free!

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    First off, if you are getting oil coming up from the oilpump shaft to the distributor shaft you should look into purchasing a new oilpump. There should only be minimal oil seeping around the shafts. Secondly, you will obviously create proper oiling when the engine is running. Yes it is a must to prime a totally dry motor before initial start-up. I had a similar problem on my 427BBC and I had to prime it for an extensive amount of time before seeing any oil thru the top-end.
    Good Luck, And if you are coming my way (Florida) I'll take one of those beer's too!!! Better yet I'll take a Bacardi & Coke if you've got one of those!!! JM
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