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Thread: 2006 NWSRA Race Schedule

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    Here is a copy of the schedule:

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    What happened with Lake Mead this year?

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    Looks like they changed that race out for the Elsinore date...

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    What happened with Lake Mead this year?
    If you mean the 2005 Lake Mead race, the rescue team was in New Orleans. That's why it was cancelled.

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    Hi Amy, you going to be at Parker? bring your "K" boat

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    Hi Amy, you going to be at Parker? bring your "K" boat
    I will be there for sure!!! I can't wait! But no K Boat... We are trying to build up a flatbottom class again though! It is going to be awesome. It will be so fun at the US Open to run flatty's there and race! :rollside:

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