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Thread: Laguna Moto GP

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    Premiere camping on the terrace in turn 9-10-11. XL spot will accommodate 39'+ space E-419 Thur.- Sun. 4 - VIP turn 4 Hospitality Suite tickets, breakfast & lunch Sat & Sun. All you can eat(very good catered meals) & drink. Beer, wine, soda, Redbull's water ???. Fri, Sat & Sun track entry tickets. Also 4 - pit passes all weekend. Extra parking for bike in Blue lot parking in the middle of the track & support truck at the camp site. This is the best way to see Moto GP. The last two years we rode in Thur. & left Mon. AM. As it looks right now I cant go. I would like to get my money back. $2,000. None of these camp sites or Hospitality tickets are left, they sold out in Sept.
    Thanks, Mike

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    New buyer bailed. Tickets are for sale again.

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