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Thread: Judge who quit Re: NSA a Bent bill clinton Lackey

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    Steve 1

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    Blown 472
    yup, stupid f uck what with his morals and all. unlike you, mr pos stevo

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    yup, stupid f uck what with his morals and all. unlike you, mr pos stevo
    Some morals ............. :
    Also, Robertson's protest resignation rings hallow when one considers that he never resigned or voiced his displeasure when President Clinton's NSA conducted warrentless surveillance of American citizens. Apparently, the good judge is selective in what outrages him.
    Unlike the Clinton NSA spy program, code named "Echelon," the [bush] spying had limited focus on terrorism and was part of a war strategy.
    According to reports, Echelon was a far-reaching, random program for gathering information on US citizens.
    "No one complained about the [NSA] spying during that administration. Now suddenly these Senators and a federal judge are shocked," said Francis.
    He didn't mind the Clinton administration doing it, but he is outraged by the Bush administration monitoring INTL PHONE CALLS, INBOUND, TO KNOWN TERRORIST CONTACTS, that has been going on since 2002, with a dozen briefings to congress. It is one heck of a good "secret" when the Times has HAD THE STORY FOR A CALENDAR YEAR. I wasn't aware the NY (or LA) Times had a top-secret security clearance, AND "need-to-know".
    You might as well go hide under a rock blown, the fact-er is loaded for the weekend.

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    Steve 1
    Bentler 472 Too Bad you did not read the article and the rest of the Newsletter with the pieces written by some highly influential Black Republicans. But instead you chose to stay stupid.

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