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Thread: Broken Box Office

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    You got to love it. That gay cowboy flick, Broken Back Mountain, which has been the darling of Hollywood and the media, is bombing at the box office. After everyone from Oprah to Regis saying how great it is and what terrific acting, yada, yada, it is going down in flames. They are saying that once they moved it out of the areas like San Francisco and all the other gay havens, its audience has dropped like a rock. They are saying that the wives are not making an effort to get the husband to see a couple of guys copulating. Duhhhhhhhhhh! I know very few women that would give a hoot about watching two men going at, and a lot less guys that would go under any threats, bribes or whatever. All this proves is that Hollywood has an agenda that is vastly different than the real world. Luckily, if it weren't for the acountants that insist on movies that have a lot of actions and T&A, we would be stuck with that type of garbage. And the movie that is doing great? It is the Chronicles of Nardia, which is a loosely disguised movie about Christianity.

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    It's nice to see the queer eye folks fail, they have no clue. :220v:

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