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Thread: ''no Mo Floors''

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    looks sick whatcha puttin in the holes subs? :crossx:

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    She is a beaut Wayne. The gearbox looks awesome too.

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    Wayne, You don't know me from shit, but nice looking work. Keep it up. BRD

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    Im DONE with floors never again 3 weeks!!!!!!http://www.*** http://www.*** Nice job Chief...Ck your rail kit. Might need a slight change from side to side.

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    thats the way fitz had it the batt box was attach. to that side but i think im going to cut to match! I wont be making a career change anytime SOON!! :yuk:

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    Im DONE with floors never again...I said the exact same thing about flares after my first flair job on a car..."Im DONE with flairs, never again."
    By the way, looks good.

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    Looks nice Dos, Now if you could get somone to polish that Vdrive.......... :crossx:

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    Looks good Wayne!..

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    Very Nice!!

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