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    How do I set Windows Media Player as the default video player? We had the system worked on last week and now it is set for Q movie or some lame slow thing....the porno takes way too long to download.
    Is there a setting I can change to get the default back to Windows Media Player?

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    Open windows media, find the access applications menus ( mine in located in the upper righthand corner). Select Tools, options. Once the Options box appears select file types. From there you can select which files you want media player to open.
    Merry Christmas

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    Not yet. I found close to it from Dell, but it came with a monitor that I don't need another I am stalling. Considering just having one built to specs....?

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    I did both strategies and now it works. Thanks. The Quicktime player is not quick, and its small. Hard to see the good stuff. :crossx:

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