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Thread: Base Coat/ Clear Coat On a Boat?

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    I was at the lake and saw a great looking, Just finished 77' CVX 20. I talked to the owner and he told me a friend painted it (who happen to be there). I asked what did he use to paint it? He told me Base/Clear. When i asked how well will it hold up his reply was "They paint cars with it".
    Now i know that Gel is the best. and i heard that alot of people use Imron (?), but how good i base clear on a boat that is not going to stay in the water all summer and kept covered at home. Also what do you guy think of Imron?
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    Gel coat is a little more forgiving. The paint they use for cars will chip easier. Ouch, look out for that dock.

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    I was kind of curious abot this myself. I cleaned up my transom using Bondo to fill in some minor stuff then shot it with a white primer and then an exterior rustolium paint, followed up with a clear coat, all spray can stuff. It does not look bad, in fact it looks real good, but I do not know how it will hold up in the water. has anyone heard of this being done before. On the subject of the gel coat how is that applied is it sprayed on or ?

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    I use a basecoat clear coat on the topside cause it has a real good uv resistance and unlimited color selection. I use a Chroma one paint on the bottom. its single stage so the gloss isn't as deep but its harder than hell and hold up to sand beachings

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    Jungle Boy
    Most of the boats that I know (if you know what I mean!), have been painted with base / clear. We walk all over these things with muddy boot, have dirty dogs walking on them and rubbed up against tree branches. They are durable and you can re-clear them for cheap.

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    Jet City
    I have done a bit of research on this, the gelcoat is more durable (according to good sources) but there are less color choices and it is far more labor intensive. I understand many new custom boats use a gelcoated base with painted graphics. There are also some interesting marine paints to choose from such as Awlgrip, which can be used as a base with House of color graphics or similar. There was a good thread about awlgrip paints by "Scorpion King" (I think), do a search. Imron is reportedly very durable, but is dangerous to spray without the proper equipment. I feel awlgrip marine paint would be the way to go for painting, it can be found on the web (U.S. Paints I think).

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    Jet City
    Interlux is another marine paint Boaters World sells that is probably comparable to Awlgrip. I think both thses paints are safe to spray in a well vented area, but be sure to read the MSDS sheets to make sure.

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    I'm in the middle of a winter rebuild i painted the boat with house of koler and it looks like a new boat with 4 kots of clear i'm thinking there won't be any problems.

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    Jet City
    Freak, sounds cool, got any pics?

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    As soon as i figer out how to post pics i will. I will post befor and after pics.

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