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Thread: steering problems with a diverter

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    NorCal Gameshow
    does anyone else have a problem with steering when the diverter is in down position ? mine pulls right...i am not using a rudder, would that make a difference ?

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    I don't have a pull to the right or left problem...However when I had the stock Berk. Jetovator on the boat, I could steer it with one finger (all the time).
    Ever since I put on the Place Diverter on many years ago, steering became much harder! The cable is fine, and the wheel moves freeley on the trailer and in the water with motor off.
    Go figure.

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    I had same problem with mine. Really hard to turn. Just bought a new rack and pinion with cable attached already for $150.00 from REX Marine.
    Now my problem is that it turns way to easy. The good news is that there is a adjusting knob to firm it up.

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    I will look at Rex's site but is the rack and pinion a decent set-up. Mine steers hard and I want to loosen it up. Seems like a good price if it works well. Another maybe dumb question. Is it hard to put a new aftermarket steering wheel on? and where is a good place to look for one? Thanks.

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    NorCal Gameshow
    vandeano, which rack and pinion did you go with ? it looks like they offer a couple options...

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    Lake Lifeguard
    Im no engineer but I have seen this steering problem in the past. My best guess is that the steering changes as pressure within the bowl increases or decreases based on the angle of the diverter. The thrust does seem to be somewhat compromised when trimmed in either the full up or down positions so that has to have an some impact on the internal pressures.

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    Does the placediverter have a rideplate underthe nozzle housing or does the reverse deflector hang down. The reason for the new style Place Diverter was to eliminate the drag caused by the reverse deflector hanging down thus causing a steering problem on some boats.Greg

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    NorCal Gameshow
    the diverter is new, it has a small ride plate. the pressure would be increased in the down position it puts uneven force against the pins which i guess would make harder to steer i talked to tom at jet boat performance i'm going with rack and pinion.....
    [ July 28, 2002, 06:43 AM: Message edited by: norcal spectra ]

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    norcal spectra,
    I wanted the "COMMAND 200 SINGLE RACK AND PINION", but for some reason REX Marine doesn't carry that no more. So I bought what seems to me to be the exact same thing. The guy at Rex assured me it was, just a different name.
    If you have the old type of rack and pinion like the one in my 78 Hawaiian ( tapered steering shaft). Make sure you get the steering adapter, or do what I did and just but a new steering wheel with Billet steering adapters that a available in 3 different lenghts.
    Now I can steer my boat with my little finger. (1978 25' Hawaiian Daycrusier w/ jet-o-vator).

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    Mine steer very easy with my Jet o vator. However, I recently adjusted my rideplate higher and this caused serious steering problems with the nozzle down. When I put it to about the middle position, it quite. I think the rideplate was adjusted to high which caused the water to put to much pressure or hit the nozzle and rudder in a funny way. It caused my boat to want to pull to the right. I adjusted the ride plate back down and now its fine.

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