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Thread: Filthy lying Rats

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    Steve 1
    Here is what the Rat media shows as Anwr.. which is bullshit!

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    Steve 1
    Not only do the Rats Lie but the Insult is they think we are stupid like them!frigging traitor morons. Another picture of Anwr so enjoy the high priced Oil!

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    Arizona Hot Boater
    Steve 1, posting away and no one cares.

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    Blown 472
    Steve 1, posting away and no one cares.
    no shit, phucking loser.

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    Aparently, 2 people care, and are, by their own statements, nobody. Have a nice day. :crossx: :crossx: :crossx:

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    Pictures aren't suppose to lie, and it is quite evident that the released pics were not truthful. It would appear that the area in question is a barren wasteland, compared to what the media would like us to think. Our dependence on foriegn oil has got to be corrected somehow, and if this area is rich in that resourse we need to address ways to extract it. With todays technologies we should be able to do it cleanly with a very minor impact to the enviroment...But first we have to know what we're dealing with. Thanks for the ensight...........MP

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