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Thread: OP6C Needs your support, because it's a failure

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    That girl is kinda hatin it..
    RD This "Bud Girl" needs a 'job bad!!!

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    That girl is kinda hatin it.
    RD She might be hatin' it, but HE certainly isn't!!!
    He can dance for me anytime!!!
    Cheers ~River (Still Drooling, Ya BABY!!!) Kitty

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    Whats with the avatar Riverdave?

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    It must be an inside joke! I dont get it or should I?

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    Jun 2009
    Less than 1/2% of the total membership of Hot Boat Forum is confirmed to attend, support for this informal get together is meager at best. RTJ you gotta remember when you factor in the 50% double/triple/quadruple screen name factor you actually have pretty good coverage.

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    .....and....."Yeah; I'll have some cheesy-poofs! Mom, kitty's bein' a dildo!"
    "ooooo;I know a kitty that's sleepin' with mommy tonight."

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    why do we need cartoon figures,
    but the bud girls, How about some
    Golden (SILVER) Rocky Mountains (.)(.) Girls

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    All these bumps and not a single OP6 one.
    Searching only pulls up #5 and I couldn't find any pics
    Good times were had

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    Yes the Good Old Days

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    Hey now! Don't give in just yet! Maybe someone will come up with an
    "OP6C/***boat Refugee" site! Now wouldn't that be a gas?

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