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Thread: 455 Intake Reverse SPAM

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    Anyone have a decent 455 intake laying around that they are looking to get rid of? Mine had cracks, so its time to replace. Let me know!!

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    Yea, I do, Cast iron, stock dual plane. Comes with square-bore adapter plate included. My boat ran it perfectly 25 years before I went to Edelbrock last winter.

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    edlebrock performer intake new 175.00
    anybody can get one for 200.00 from there.
    i asked about one and the salesman droped the price a little.
    you might check out ""
    the prices are most of the time cheaper there!!

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    I've got a used manifold in good condition, no longer have an olds. I'll sell it for $85 plus shipping. If interested I'll post a pic.

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    Just FYI, the Offy manifolds wont work with a HEI setup.
    I know, I was just throwing somw ideas.

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    have polished offy and a clear coated edebrock take 150 for either both in good condition or a cast iron come pick it up

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    Thanks guys for the replys, Let me check these over and I will get backs with ya!

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