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    If anyone here likes to fish I'm sure you heard of the Channel Islands being closed to fishing. My local tackle shop owner has beeen fighting these dirt bag enviro wackos for the last year and in conjuction with the United Anglers they are going to try to get this legislation overturned.
    The wackos publicly stated goal is to close the entire coast in 2005 and they will if they are not stopped. Fresh water fishing is also on their agenda. You may think this doesn't concern boating but what do think these wackos will be after next (actually they are already after boating too)? If you can, contact Sal Vallone at Bob Sand's tackle 818-994-1822 ask how you can help, send a check if you can, and join an association. He doesn't know I'm soliciting support so this isn't spam.
    #$$^^%$^%$#@&*** Goddamn tree hugging fu^k'S

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    Tell 'em I said...

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    and a big...

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    There are others on another board that I frequent that are trying to be at those MLPA(?) meetings and voice OUR opinion. I definately hope that they can't get all that they want!! The local spots for that I usually fish w/ be off limits .

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    The meetings are over they f**king got what they wanted for NOW!!

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    I wish I knew exactly what it takes to change the minds that make the rules, who don't fish or have no real interest in it. Where is their motivation to set the rules as the have?
    Me, I catch and release most all of what I hook. Seems these rule makers don't take all anglers methods into account. But they let the takers (commercial) keep on taking .

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    Brad, this has been in the works for awhile now. I was the GM at CISCOS and was fighting this deal. The problem is the Channel Islands are so heavily fished that there is a heavy drop in fish numbers. The job of the party boats going out is to put people into fish. The people then catch small fish and dont allow them to grow into big fish and spawn. Sounds elementary but this is the case. This is the reason the Calico Bass have become nearly no existent. Think of the jobs lost over this ordeal.

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    The real problem is they have admitted that they are going after the whole coastline in 2005.

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    i do some saltwater fishing myself and hate this plan and the closures will spread fast since comrade davis has his head so far up the tree huggers asses.They do one thing at a time its only a matter of time before cal lakes are closed to boating.Everyone thinks that that that will never happen to them then wham its closed!!Election day next tues i cant wait!
    Jbg i didnt know you were the gm there i have fished there a couple of times.

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    It is hard for me to believe but this is REAL. The public just doesn't have enough information. By the time the public understands that they will NOT be able to exercise their freedom to fish it will be too late.
    Boating will be next and our boats will be WORTHLESS. Look what happened to PWC's in the Lake Mead Nat'l Park. We all (fishermen, boaters, hunters, PWC'ers etc) all need to stick together and VOTE for our Outdoor Rights.
    Simon is "pro" outdoors v. Davis who has allowed this to happen. I'm not telling you who to vote for but I can't afford to have my boat's value go to ZERO. I'm voting for SIMON all the way ....

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