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Thread: Toy shortage... donate if you can...

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    While at work today, I have received this information.
    Unfortunately, the combined efforts of Spark of Love, Operation Santa Claus and Toys for Tots did not meet our toy requests this year. Because of this there will NOT be a toy distribution location on Christmas Day. Warehouses will remain open and will fill orders on Christmas Eve until they run out of toys, but several non-profit organizations have been notified that they will not be receiving toys before Christmas. Our hope is that we will be able to fill those orders next week with toys that are delivered at the last minute to local fire stations and Sav-on locations.
    Please help if you can, by dropping any new unwrapped toy / gift off at a local Orange County fire station or Sav-on drug store where you see the Spark of Love, Operation Santa Claus or Toys for Tots banner. Thank you.

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