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Thread: Look what Santa brought!

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    Just got dropped off this morning. Been playing with it ever since. I really, really like it! It the new Ranger 700 XP. Now if I can just get the wife out of it and drive it again...

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    Very cool. I like the new color options.

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    Very cool. I like the new color options.
    The picture does not do the red justice. Polaris is using House of Kolor for the paint and it is awsome. Metalflake sortof, deep, pretty cool I think.
    I am talking to Santa right now and he says BS...He did not bring that to you.
    You're not my friend anymore. ... Actually, he did drop it off .... along with the bill. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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    You make me laugh :rollside: :rollside: :rollside: :rollside: :rollside:

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    Your stoked, very cool.

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    little rowe boat
    Very cool, is it street legal?? Looking at the pic, I now know where you live. Pretty much where Gilcross crosses westpark.

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    Big Kahunaa
    Nice ride have fun with it

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    Yup ... took it up the street and out into the hills. Very fun, fast too! This will be a blast out in the desert down at the river too. I also plan on pulling the boat in and out of the garage with it. Won't try and launch it, although another Ranger has.

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    That thing looks very cool and fun, congrats.

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    He Ultrafied. I'll trade you for an old broken down horse? I'll start in your direction, should be there by New Years!

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