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Thread: help deciding which driveline u-joint I have

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    Need help finding what universal I have and where to get one. Standard looking h-bar driveline. Does not seem to match 1310 or 1350? I don't have a caliper, all measurments are rough:
    - 7/16 mount bolts like a 1350
    - just over 3 1/4 in wide measuring at outer clip. 3 1/8 cap to cap.
    - 1 1/4 cap width.
    I appears to be to narrow for 1350 and caps to wide for 1310? Just a standard H-bar driveline from Berkeley drive from a Ford 460. This is so frustrating, finally have the engine and pump overhauled and ready to install - now waiting on this! any advice?

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    Duane HTP
    it may be a Rockwell. Do you have a picture you can email me?

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    not sure where you located but have you tried a local auto supply house? Also can try like a heavy truck supply house like a fleetpride or a NAPA, they should have what you need. good luck

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    i think I recall your from the valley here right? If so take it into driveline service. The guys there are real assholes and you'll have to be presistant but they will have what you need.

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    thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    headed to Driveline Service when they open this week! Your advice is very much appreciated!

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