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Thread: 460 Oiling Questions

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    Does a 460 Ford require any special considerations, i.e., oil restrictors for the top end, to run at 6,000 RPM for several minutes in a jet boat?

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    No, just a 10+ qt. pan with rear p/u and you should be good to go.

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    Depends. Been told by a Ford marine engine builder (just 3 weeks ago) that you need restrictors if you are running a solid lifter cam. Otherwise, no restrictors with hyd. cams.
    If you have a solid cam, the oil pressure will be fine at idle, but once your into the rpms, you will lose oil pressure cause too much oil will free flow up the pushrods.

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    Not to disagree with your engine builder but I don't restrict the lifters or anything else on my 466 and 514 [with solid lifters]Both engines holds 60-65 lbs @ 7+K, I've never had any oiling problems with 460s. Without bushing the passenger side lifter bank it is impossible to restrict the lifter bore, its the main oil gallery. Maybe he is thinking of FEs, it is recommended that the lifter gallerys be plugged for solid lifter use on 390-427-428s
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    I'm a chevy guy myself, so not to up on the Fords. The reason this came about is my brother has a 460 that we installed a Herbert solid roller cam in last year. We installed the lifters with the verticle bars facing out, so that the oil feed hole in the lifters will be exposed to the oil galley when lifters are on the base of cam. Then we sent the motor to a dyno shop. At idle this was fine, at off idle, too much oil flowed up the pushrods and lost oil pressure. The dyno shop tore apart and rotated lifters so the verticle bar was towards inside. (This is the way my Merc is). But in this position, the lifter oil feed holes will never be exposed to the oil galley. Motor ran for 3 hrs then valves started seizing. Now have a junk block and SCJ heads. We went back to the dyno shop and showed him the non-oiling issues. He insisted enough oil will still flow past the lifter bore clearance and then up pushrods.
    The Ford mechanic I previously mentioned was an uninvolved person that we talked to, in order to get a second opinion and see if the dyno shop owner is correct. He was the one that mentioned restrictors, but at the main cap orgin. I am conscerned about this because this will decrease flow to the lifters.
    We still don't know what is right. Got 2 professionals and 2 different opinions.
    If you can shed any light on this, It would be greatly appreciated.

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    US1Fountain, The first thing that comes to mind is the roller lifters are wrong for that engine. I have heard some cam cos. using rollers from another application to fill the need for the 460, they physically fit but may expose the gallery at maximum lift or on the base circle, They may have recommended lifter sleeves with metering holes. If the passenger side lifter bank [as seen in a car] is exposed at all then main gallery pressure will be lost. I had a poly-lock come loose once, when the rocker came off the stud and the lifter popped out of the bore all oil pressure in the engine was lost. I don't know how long it ran before I noticed but nothing was hurt in the engine. Don't try this at home, kids. I have no idea what that engine man is thinking about restrictors at the mains, could he be thinking of the restrictors used in Cleveland engines for the cam bearings? They screw into a tapped hole at the main saddles where the 2 passages intersect but that is just to limit oil to the cam bearings for ultra high rpm. [8000+ rpm] Its an old prostock trick.

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