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Thread: Looking for Belmont Jet Boat owners

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    Well, I knew that there was a Belmont location in there somwhere!
    That's pretty cool that their still in bix and building boats. Do you know if they have a photo collection from the old days that you could maybe scan and post here for us to see? That'd be great.
    I always wondered if Sanger Jack started out in Sanger Ca and moved to Fresno later? 69elim, do you know the story there?
    Oldrigger, This Is What I remember( I haven't found Mag. article yet)Sanger Jack had an auto Radiator Shop In Sanger, and he Made a home built boat(Glen L ?) for himself, Then some of his buddies wanted him to make one for them, Then his customers Wanted one, Then from there he didn't Have time to work on Radiators Anymore.The Rest is HISTORY!
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    Hey, There was a Belmont Jet boat parked down the street Sat.(visiting someone)It looks like Belmont Splashed the Beisemeyer deck. I know who lives in house and will talk to him about it. wink
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    Looking for help figuring value of a belmont please help asap!

    I have a 56 belmont 3 were made i have the last one left, looking for help getting the value and finding a buyer.
    Please help

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    21 ft. 1973 Belmont jet boat of Fresno

    Last summer I bought a 1973 Belmont jet boat with a 455 Olds. Cool boat, love it! Took it out 3 times so far. Just want to get some information on it. If anyone is familiar with them please let me know. Don't know much about them.

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    Looking for Belmont Jet Boat owners

    It is remarkable, and alternative?

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