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Thread: Are Trip To The World Finals!!!!

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    We took a trip to AZ last month. We went to the World finals in Chandler AZ. They were really awsome. The Top Fuel Hydros are really GREAT. Saw a world record set 254 m.p.h.
    Also went to Vegas, Grand Canyon, and Sedona. All really nice places. I think I want to move... :rollside:

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    fat rat
    what no pictures!

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    I like Sedona. I have some pics from there. I thought they had a lot of nerve at the Grand Canyon- charging $4.00 to see a big hole in the ground. Vegas? so-so. It's OK if you like throwing money away! But all-in-all, Az has a lot of good places to see. I used to belong to the Chandler chapter of GWRRA.

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