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Thread: What did Santa bring you for the boat?

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    Just wondering what Santa brought everyone for Christmas?

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    A replace the one that blew out last year and some turd picked up before we turned around.
    Hey! If I wear it will that keep it from blowing out???

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    Some two way radios.

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    LeE ss13
    A Drill Press to make more Boat parts.

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    Kindsvater Flat
    Not a god damn thing.... :cry:

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    A new Lifeline driving suit and a bitchin' Snap-On lazer thermometer for the team toolbox.

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    the main thing I got was a blank check to write Todd for all the work he is going to do on the boat. Get ready Todd.... :rollside: v-drive

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    Not a god damn thing.... :cry:
    Same here!..

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    Dart Aluminum Heads...ordering them tomorrow at Bailey Brothers...then they are going to have their way with them. Hoping that will get my coveted two tenths. Santa was good.

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    A sweater :cry:

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