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Thread: The wife made us go to church last night.

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    My wife's grandfather was a minister. She grew up going to church regularly. Once she moved out that pretty much ended. I think she feels a little guilty, and maybe wants to expose her kids to that option... My family never went. Weddings and funerals are about all the church time I've ever had.
    We've gone a few times over the years, the kids had a preschool that was at a church so we went to church then half a dozen times. So last night the kids were kind of annoyed, that they had to go to church instead of opening presents....but we know the reason for the season.
    Her dad's g/f is in the choir so it seemed like the right thing to do. Anyway the service was kinda fun. Lots of singing and a little kid nativity scene with lots of little kids dressed as angel, sheep and wise men running around. It was funny. Then........there was candle lighting. Everyone got a candle and lit it off the person next to you. Now my kids were actually having fun. "Singing, laughs, and FIRE?!?!?!? Wow, Mom,this church stuff is alright...." LMAO so funny to see my little whiners, who an hour earlier were bitching about going, were having a good time.
    Maybe they learned a little, who knows.
    Anybody else make a church visit? Once a year won't kill ya, I guess. But is it OK to be a fair weather fan? I bet a lot of folks are.

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    We went to services last night and sat next to an old TV star. I think his name is Jameson Parker or something like that.

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    Hey, is he gay? Not that I care....just wondering......

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    It is good for you

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    Now you will be able to start the new year with a clean soul :rollside: I think exposing the kids at a early age is good. Been a while since I have gone, the wife goes more often, now I fill guilty.

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