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Thread: So what do ya think this means?

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    Bling Bling
    We exchange gifts with Scott(AKA Alfonzo) and when I get to my great gift he got me, the tag says to: Greg, from: heart symbol, Scott. Bro is there something you'd like to get off your mind? I don't know if ya noticed latley, but Jen is alot more attractive then myself. So is there some other reason there was a heart symbol before my name? Come to think of it the last few times you and I have partied together, after 5 or so Gooses you have kinda been looking at me funny. All glossy eyed and speachless. I ran into this problem with a few other buddies, and there's classes called anti gay 101 that probablly could help you. Now everytime I listen to that mix CD, I think of a heart. How cute!!! Alf don't even try to talk your way out of this. I have the tag and will take a picture and have Cadie post it if you'd like. Merry X-mas my hopefully not confussed friend.

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    Greg, it also would depend on what he got you. If it was a outfit like on one of the Village People, you better run.

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    merry christmas Greg,cadie , Scott , and jen

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    Beware of missletoe.... :crossx:

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    Talk to your wife, I think i've been sabotage'd :crossx:

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    PS. if anyone is gay around here my friend....its you! :220v:

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    merry christmas Greg,cadie , Scott , and jen
    Merry Christmas dude!

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    Phat Matt
    Merry Christmas Homos.

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    Scott made me Cd's with love songs on them!! What gives??

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    Scott made me Cd's with love songs on them!! What gives??
    Your both welcome by the way. Your the type of people that would do a guy in the anus and not even have the common decency to give him a reach-a-round! and those arn't love songs, you interpitate them as love songs because you are in love with me,THIS MEANS YOUR ARE A HOMO, Maybe Bling and FofAAandTA should get together more often.

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