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    If I used this combo what would i get
    454 block
    396 crank
    454 rods
    427 pistons
    would it be a 427 or is my math wrong?
    I am looking for a low buck internally balanced combo
    Any input would be helpfull.

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    Rogers, you will end up with a 427, which has the same bore as a 454 and the same stroke as a 396. If you don't have a 454 balancer crank and flywheel I can see why you want to stay internally balanced but otherwise it makes little difference for all but super high rpm stuff. I spin a blown 540 to 7400 with external balance and have seen no issues whatsoever after 2 1/2 years.

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    I was thinking the added counterweights on the crank would be added stress to the crank,especially at higher RPM,s.
    also I have this cool aluminum flywheel I wanted to use.

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    Beware, "cool aluminum flywheel" CAN be "famous last words". All aluminum flywheels are NOT rated for sustained high RPMs, like we see in a boat. I've seen the starter ring come off of a 10,000 RPM (brand name) flywheel just by reving the motor on the trailer, just beware, use SFI approved shit, if in doubt don't use it!!!....................Moneypitt

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    I,ve got some forged 427 pistons if you need some. If I remember right, they are L2399s

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    Still just thinking out loud but I,ll keep them in mind.
    the flywheel does have a SFI sticker thanks for the warning though.

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