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Thread: Hawaiian Boat??

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    Does anyone know anything about Hawaiian Power boats?
    I have an opportunity to buy a 1996 Hawaiian 21 foot open bow with a 454 and jet, and I just can't find that much info. about the manufacturer and boat. I spoke with a manufacturer rep at the show last weekend but I wasn't impressed, maybe it was just him. I have been around boats for the last 15 yrs, mostly Eliminators and the boat seems like a nice boat but you never know. Any info would help. Thanks.

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    Your first post should NEVER go un-answered. I might suggest you go into "Just Jets" and ask them... Welcome to the jungle!

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    Originally posted by OGShocker
    Welcome to the jungle!
    Isn't there a song like that????

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    The same person the started Tahiti Boats started Hawaiian Boats. When Bell Industries in the late seventies bought out the owner of Tahiti Boats he slowly put aside a few molds and started Hawaiian Boats. Bell Industries actually sued Hawaiian Boats because they were too similar to their boats, in reality they where their boats. I am not sure who owns the name now.

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    Back To Havasu
    You might already be aware of this, but there is a Hawaiian dealership on I believe Main Street in Corona/Norco area.

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    Dream Chaser
    I have a 2000 21' open bow withe 454 HO with a jet it's been a great boat no problems workmanship is good. I bought the boat used 2 years ago and have put 140 hours on it. Had to take it back to mfg one time. If I had met the owner of the company before i bought the boat I may not have. Gald I can do most of my own work and not have to take back to them little hard to deal with. Overall its been a great boat.

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    A friend of mine had one built a couple years ago and he said he will never do business with them again. He did all the rigging and had the interior done frome someone else but hawaiian built the top and deck. He didnt even have the hawaiian name stitched on the boat .said he wasnt going to advertise for him.

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    Thanks guys for the info. and for not beating up a newbie too bad.

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    It's about time you stopped lurking around and posted something. Megan says come over this weekend and you'll get your
    You better buy the damn boat. I'm tired of having to bail you out of trouble when you drive mine. You should change your member name to "Show me ur powr" haha.

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    Originally posted by Back To Havasu
    You might already be aware of this, but there is a Hawaiian dealership on I believe Main Street in Corona/Norco area.
    Different Hawaiian... I think that's Team Hawaiian, and there's no relationship to the Schuster/Bell/Hardin Hawaiian.

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