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Thread: F-26 on Boat Trader

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    I gave WetWillie a head start on this one yesterday and now I'll post it here. There's a 2003 F-26 on Boat Trader for 75K. 572 engine, Teague Platinum drive and under 20 hours. Sounds like a steal to me. Just thought that some of you with boat show fever might be interested in saving about 50K. And of course if you buy it my finders fee is a ride

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    That boat was mentioned here before. I think the purple and yellow are turning people away. Too bad, it's a good deal.

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    roln 20s
    I agree- its definately the graphic scheme, cuz the price is untouchable. I wonder how much you could pay Dick Vale to repaint it. I'm assuming the owner put down a ton of money, surely they aren't willing to take that big of a hit. Or maybe DCB high prices are just retail--and you can really get them cheap-hehe yeah I know, who am I kidding.
    Roln 20s

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    Can someone loan me 75 large?

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    Mirvin's got the cash laying around.. He'll give to ya

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    Can one of you provide me a link to the boat? It seems my searching skills sometimes aren't so good. Thanks

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    I don't know how to link to it, but all you have to do is put "DCB" in the manufacturer line of the search page and pull the trigger.

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    buy it ......I'll repaint that monster its a GREAT DEAL if some has a connection to repaint it......and remember its now a repaint! never as tough as gell!
    heres a link
    or a really sweet ride

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    The lower part of that body looks good but the picture is so small even with the pic enlarged. What is that upper part of the body all about????

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    Thanks for the help guys....I was trying "Dave's Custom Boats"...what a dummy, huh....?

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