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Thread: who makes this hull

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    I believe I just saw one of those on ebay. Had something like a large jetski engine in it. Can't remember the name, but try doing a search for it under jet boat.
    Sorry no better help than that.

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    Thats my buddys boat. I'll try to find out who made it. I think its still for sale. It has a turbo rotory and a Berkely pump in it and according to him its quite a handfull. :wink: I'll get back to you on it.

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    Isn't that the Barbi Jet Boat?????

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    I am interested in more info on boat/make/manufacturer

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    A guy from Eliminator made a mold from one of those but, first he lengthened the sponsons. Came out nice and we made a bunch of them in Shawano Wisconsin. I know the guy who has the mold now. I could build one if someone ever wanted one. I like them too and think they would be a blast with a jet!!

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    That looks sweet!!
    I'm thinking a salvaged jet ski motor an pump would work pretty good in one of those.
    Fun for the kids to play around with.

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