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Thread: Boat Transporting in the 80's

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    Thats really over kill for a tandem axle trailer.
    Here is one from the seventies.

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    Here is a pic from July of 1978 in front of my Dads place brand New Sanger Spring Jet.

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    I will post some more pics of the boats that have been delivered to our place from the 70-80s We have some neat pics from that era even races and old 8m films of the races. The boat in this picture belongs to a good friend of mine & is in better shape now than it came from the factory in with all the original paint & gel.

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    Was your Dad a dealer for Sanger?
    Sounds like you grew up a little like I did.
    Dad dragging home new boats at least once a year or more.
    Back when guys wanted them custom assembled, instead of turn-key from the factory.

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    Yeah My Dad was a Dealer for Sanger, Eliminator and some other off the wall brand. There were all the new boats plus whatever he repaired or took in on trade. Boat boats boats. Wish alot of them were still around

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    Originally posted by flattie
    Here is a pic from July of 1978 in front of my Dads place brand New Sanger Spring Jet.
    Must been a Bitch launching the boat, but hey when we buy new boats here in Kal-I-Fornia we drag them home. Your way saves the tires on the trailer and out here it would cost 3 times the normal amount to cross a toll bridge draging the boat this way it will save ya money
    But these pictures are soooo cool, KEEP them comming. We be loving it.

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