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Thread: Put Your Boat on Your Mousepad

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    i was over at Westech today and spotted this cool mousepad sitting on the dyno desk.
    John Bechel's g/f makes them for about 20 bucks i think. Ill get more info on them if anyone is interested in getting their own boat put on a mousepad.

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    People still use mouse pads?
    BTW, that's a nice pic. What camera?

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    Jethro from here on the boards made one for me with 4 pictures of my boat on it....very cool.

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    **** the mouse pads, Mike. Tell us about the Dyno. Did you run your new motor today????

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    There are a number of places that you can get mouse pads made up with any picture on it.. Around here London Drugs offers this all online....Go HERE (

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