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Thread: Best, inexpensive hotel for LHC

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    Can some of you guys/gals give me some input on where some of my friends would be comfortable staying at in LHC. They don't need anything fancy, should be relatively inexpensive, safe and hopefully nearby the channel. I myself never stay at the hotels there so I thought everybody here can give me the skinny.
    Thanks in advance
    Here is a link with some hotels out there....I don't know which are nice -vs- pieces of crap:

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    Stay away from the Havasu Dunes! Got enough of you renters! Just kidding, I have a timeshare there and except for the recent boat parking changes(off site storage lot by Windsor beach) it's VERY nice. Don't know how much to rent though. I might be able to sell a week though, I don't know how that works for sure. I think I can sublet it, maybe not though.

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    Try the Lake Havasu Travelodge. We have stayed there many times. pretty nice place, clean, and fairly inexpensive. they have a continental breakfast in the morning to boot. It is about 1/2 a mile from the Bridge. We have stayed there multiple times with friends and family. They give a AAA discount too.

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    Stay away from the sleazy 8 up in town by Smiths Grocery store. I was afraid to take my shoes off in there and that was 9 years ago:yuk:

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    We stayed a number of times at the Howard Johnsons which is walking distance from the Channel. Clean and neat and reasonable prices. SOme of the rooms have lake views as well. Nothing fancy. Donuts in the morning!

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    Sandbar Mike
    Hey HD,
    Before we got the house we always stayed at Queens Bay which is next door to the london bridge resort and on the water. the are 2 bedroom full luxury condo's, @ about 365$$ a weekend, I always thought they were one hell of a deal.
    I also always liked Ramada (formorly the Pioneer) across the street from the london bridge, wife wouldn't stay there but it was good and cheap for our boys trips.

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    Holiday Inn is also convenient. And kids eat free for breakfast.

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    Steamin' Rice
    The Island Inn next to the Nautical is usually pretty cheap and the rooms are clean.

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    Thanks everybody.....I just want to make sure they are all OK. I know there are a few places where theft is an issue. There will be a couple of boats and quite a few bodies so they will probably share rooms.

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    we will rent our place out at Queens Bay PM me if interested.

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