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Thread: Impeller Replacement on a Bravo I

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    Can anyone give me the Reader's Digest step-by-step procedure to replace the impeller in my Bravo I? It's been in there two seasons and it is time to replace it before I have a problem with it. I've heard it is easy to do, and I just can't see paying someone big $$$ to do someting I know I can do myself.
    Also, who is the company that makes those blue impellers that are supposed to be the bomb?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Dr. Eagle
    OK Laveyman,
    You are smart to do this now, I had to do it on the lake this year because I was too lazy to do it before putting the boat in the water. Best to get the whole repair kit to replace the housing, wear plate and shaft seal, not just the impeller. The kit also comes with new bolts, nuts and washers.
    1. Remove the belt
    2 Remove the hose clamps and hoses on the back of the pump
    3 Remove the pump attachment from the engine.
    4. Disassemble the pump (6 bolts I think) and remove the old impeller.
    5. Discard the old housing.
    6. Insert the inpeller into the new housing and twist the vanes so that they point in the direction they will be running in (important).
    7. Replace the shaft seal "O"ring on the pump mechanism.
    8. Install the new wear plate
    9. Re-assemble the pump
    10. Install the pump on the engine
    11. Hook up the hoses.
    12. Re-install the belt.
    If you have had any of the impeller vanes come off and cannot account for them, pull the hose off of the output side of the oil cooler (the hose that supplies the engine with water) and (before reassembly) flush water through the hose toward the pump. It is a good idea to make sure the impeller chunks are not in the oil cooler or they could end up as obstructions in your water jackets.
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    Dr. Eagle
    As far as the blue impellers, I have never heard of them but you might check CP Performance, they have a lot of pump parts and solid brass mercruiser pumps for race boats.

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    The Blue Impellers are made by Globe.....
    I bought mine at

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    Dr. Eagle
    Thanks I will remember that. So do they last longer than those junky mercruiser ones?

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    Dr. Eagle
    BTW Laveyman... I went to the site Bondo mentioned, found my way to and they have the whole kit I was telling you about for 53 bucks. I think I paid $95 at the local dealer.
    I never did find those blue impellers though, Bondo can you help?

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    If you cant find the blue impellers on boatfix...go to boatered and post and will help you..
    or look here impeller
    [ September 28, 2003, 11:43 AM: Message edited by: drbones ]

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    Dr. Eagle
    Thx Drbones
    [ September 28, 2003, 11:38 AM: Message edited by: Dr. Eagle ]

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    hey np....I get parts from george faster then my local shop..and 99% of time for about 1/2 the price...
    Like the manifolds I just bought...local said 7-9 had them to me next day

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    Hey LaveyMan, bring to my house in Havasu and we'll take care of it. If you do it yourself remember to check the housing I hear they can develop cracks and leak! wink

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