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Thread: got one winter project done

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    here are a few pics of the intake i sanded and pollised...... i won't be doing that again for a while, but let me know what you think
    http://www.*** http://www.*** http://www.*** http://www.*** http://www.***
    it took 2 weeks of work to get it like it is now. 5 diffrent coats of sanding.

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    Be carefull, that pollish job will ad at least 25 HP and 10 MPH to your boat. Looks nice.

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    Drunk tank
    dats bling bling for sho! Nice work!

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    thanks, you mean i will be faster from a pollished intake.j/j less wind it was alot of work but seeing it finished makes it all worth while

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    Looks sweet!:wink:

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    That polish job looks absolutely top-notch. Perfect example of dedication to getting the job done, and done right. Consider yourself one of the few who tackled that project successfully.
    My hat's off to a killer job!
    Now get a clearcoat powdercoat on that intake otherwise it's going to be a daily summer chore keeping it clean. I performed this simple preventive coating to my set-up as well so that it's easier to clean and maintain.

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    it makes me feel good to here you guys say that . very much appreciated

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    i was thinking about applying zop seal on it, valve covers, motor plates, gas tanks

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    how would you go about sanding and polishing that(grit?) (product?)

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    Lookin' good I polished my whole jet and I feel ya pain brotha I know for the future I wont be doing that shit again. I understand why people pay to do that. Its alot of work to polish.

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