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    Does anyone have any info on the World Industries crate 540 that some of the online retailers sell? I think they have 9:1 compression. I have heard that they would not hold up with a blower ...anyone ever try? What needs to be upgraded internally

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    Is this the engine you are talking about?

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    Yup that's the one.

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    Block: Merlin II cast iron with 4-bolt mains
    Cylinder heads: Merlin Rectangular Port (iron or aluminum)
    Crankshaft: 4130 forged steel (4.000" or 4.250" stroke)
    Pistons: JE 4.500" forged aluminum (9.5 compression)
    Connecting rods: Manley Sportsmaster 4340 forged steel
    Camshaft: Crane with Speed Pro lifters
    Intake manifold: Merlin aluminum 360┬░ single plane
    Carburetor: Modified 870 cfm Holley 4-barrel
    Valves: Manley Severe Duty® stainless steel
    Timing Chain: Manley True Roller
    Lubrication: Speed-Pro oil pump and Milodon steel oil pan
    Rings & Bearings: Speed-Pro ring set and Clevite bearings
    Ignition: HEI distributor, 8mm spark plug wire
    Valvetrain: Aluminum roller rockers, Manley 4130 pushrods
    Balance: Internally balanced, Hardcore CNC Balancer
    Assembly Components: Fel-Pro, ARP and Manley
    Accessories: Merlin chrome valve covers, chrome timing cover
    Warranty: 2-years or 24,000 miles. Issued by separate insurer
    Well, goodbye warranty but other than that and the compression is a little high, looks good. I'd keep the boost back a but because of 9 to 1 compression. No big deal. O ring the block or change the head gaskets to the new blower type gaskets that don't require O rings. More valve spring pressure also will be required. Sounds as if this is not a roller cam? The camshaft will work but not be the best.
    I am assuming you are talking about mild blown gas application. Higher boost pressure above 1o lbs, I'd be concerned with wrist pins, not familiar with that connecting rod or it's strength.

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