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Thread: cast vs aluminum heads

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    I am in the process of obtaining new heads. Just wondering if the increase in performance for aluminum heads justifies the cost difference. The BBC engine I am building will be targeted for 550-600 hp range. If the block checks out ok I will end up with a 468 ci engine. So far I have checked out the edelbrock and dart heads. It appears that the dart iron eagle and pro 1 heads have almost the same flow numbers. Is this correct? Just looking for everyones .02 worth on this subject.

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    LeE ss13
    As any Super Stock engine builder will tell you, the major advantage with aluminum heads is that they weigh less. Iron heads easily make more power. On the flip side, iron heads are less forgiving for too much timing, bad gas, etc. Aluminum heads are easier to repair.

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    With that said you can buy my set up merlin d-ports with big valves and some intake work done. 1500 complete with big valves and titanium keeprers. yew they havethe ability to make more power, one is due to the even heat retention in the head. These heads have never been hurt or machined and have made well over 1000 hp. Pm me if interested

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    Heat makes power on low comp only.

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    Since weight is a BIG factor in any Boat...then why not Aluminum?
    If Iron gives better performance due to retaining heat that inturns aid's power...then how about bumping up the compression with Aluminum a smig?
    Sounds like a win-win

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    For race only use go alm due to less weight
    for lake and rec use go iron.can make just as much power or more plus no corrosion worries.or worry about overheat and warpage(not likely to overheat but if you do there is a chance of head warpage)

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    Fired Up
    I started this very topic about six weeks ago. Received alot of good info from many different people. Lots of good perspectives regarding different head brands. Try doing a search.

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    Go iorn and save the money for better bottom end parts. Aluminum heads every time you take one off after running you have to surface it. How many times do you want to do that. Iorn is a better deal for a non race app. I don't see 75 lbs making that big of a difference. But if you got the bucks and don't mind the xtra work buy the aluminum.

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    For an all around lake boat wheather it's a stocker or a blown deal, the iron's are the way to go!..

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