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Thread: what do u pay for insurance?

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    Just got quoted through progessive auto...they quoted me at 469.00 for 12 months with 2 tickets on my record for a 1999 commander lx with a 350. This is what I am hoping to purchase before summer...Does this price sound right?

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    my insurance is around the 10k mark so that seems pretty cheep to me.

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    Mrs. Restless22
    I work in insurance..and honeslty...that doesnt sound right at all.
    But....every company is different...just make sure you inspect that policy in and out and make sure your covered!

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    al cole'holic
    $10k mark...?....that's retarded.

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    I did do it through the internet quote...I put the value at 25000.00
    I Know for my truck I pay 3000.00 a year.. hmmm.

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    I have a 22' 4" Tunnel. With a blown 502... I have insurance through progressive.. but I didn’t have the engine work done when I got the ins. and I got it through a broker.. My thinking is that he got pretty creative. My boat is an Eliminator on paper.. And the systems the ins company has didn’t recognize SST... so I Let them take pictures and had to go with what they called it.
    I pay 1100 a year..
    I have tried to get insured through other companies (telling them everything about the boat).. And they wont touch me.. I have no tickets.. no accidents.. Nothing …and I’m over 30... They say my boat is to fast and to small..

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    little rowe boat
    I am with Leisurecraft and I pay about 600.00 per year.

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    Americian Family $280 a year 1993 Crownline 20' 300hp

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    2000 Carrera 21' w/350 mag & Competitive trailer = $565/year (State Farm)
    I bumped up the coverage on liability, medical, and personal property.

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    Insurance company's are totally retarded when it comes to custom boats!!
    I think I'm one of the lucky one's here. State Farm covers my house, truck, suv, boat, and rv for $235 a month. Full coverage on everything. Granted none of my stuff is super new or very expensive so the "replacement value" isn't that high.

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