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Thread: Sidewinder/Marlin with "A" 12JC RPM vs MPH?

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    Can anyone out there tell me what their Marlin/Sidewinder (or any other boat with the same hull) and a A impeller Berk 12JC pump runs RPM vs MPH wise?
    My boat is more than a few months away from being in the water, and I want the specs to feed into Jet Performance Calculator

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    Ok, anyone with one of these hulls, with any pump, any impeller..c'mon, gimme a number here..

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    If I remember right, Diggler's boat did about 70 at 5100 running a 455 Olds.
    I'm a little hazy on the numbers at it was a hairy ride because of the porpoising and the chine walking....all at once.

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    CrdStang- My 18' Marlin Taurus was running about 54-55 mph with a tired bone stock 455 and worn out pump at 4400-4500 rpm on a good day.
    My hull runs really wet, because it has at least 1/4" hook in the bottom in places, and had an 18 gal bow tank.
    I have since rebuilt the 455 and pump, and plan to remove the hook, add a diverter, and possibly put in 2 side tanks, if I can find some decent ones.
    Diggler's Tahiti ran very well till he blew up the 455, but I believe that boat is a 16' hull- Maybe he will chime in with details.
    Check out the thread about the 73 Wriedt Spoiler- That's what our boats SHOULD look like!!- He did a fantastic job on that boat- I can only hope mine comes out half as good! Stan

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