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Thread: Charger Boats??

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    Krazy K
    Our family had a 1977? 18' Charger with a 460 Ford and Berkeley jet. Whatever happened to them and where can I find out more info and pictures of them??

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    I use to own one it was the mini day cruiser.They were in westminster and have been out of bus for a long time.That is about as much as i know.

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    Originally posted by Krazy K
    Our family had a 1977? 18' Charger with a 460 Ford and Berkeley jet. Whatever happened to them and where can I find out more info and pictures of them??
    Charger boats was owned by 2 guys. I don't recall names just what happened to them. Guy #1 was the guy who knew his shit about boats. His hulls set many records back in the late 60's and early 70's. His only downfall was that he didn't know shit about running a business. That is where guy # 2 came in. He would run the $ side of it and Guy #1 would lay up and design the boats. Well the money guy (#2) decided to skip out on the deal and take all the $$$ and **** guy #1 and all the people that had put deposits down on new boats (including my dad). Well Charger boats closed its doors quickly. Then all the customers that had put deposits down filled a class action law suit. They ended up getting some of their money back but not all of it. A couple years later Guy #2 was shot in the head during a drug deal. It sucks that theses boat mfg's that got a good thing going always have to get in trouble with drugs and shit.

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    Krazy K
    My dad's first boat was a Delta flatbottom that he put together himself. It was destroyed in a storm at the river in the early 70's. Then he purchased the Charger in '77 and had them install the driveline and my dad put everything else in himself to save some money. It was yellow with brown metalflake trim. We had to sell it in1993 due to bankruptcy. Alot of memories in that boat!! Both me and my sister learned to ski behind it.
    hanks for the info!!!

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    My dad bought his in 79 we learned to ski on it had many years of fun withthat boat it became mine about 12 years ago i learned alot about boats from it.It was getting old and needed more work.floor,interior,structural improvements.Instead of putting more money into it i bought a 93 eliminator instead and sold the boat to my brother for 700 bucks motor and pump were solid and newly rebuilt i only wanted to get back some of the money i put into the motor pump.Was good to let my brother take it since he aslo grew up with it and he plans on restoring it now him and his two kids plus his new fiance can enjoy it.I have many pics of it from growing up there at my parents house now the only ones i have are from the very first day out with it with my dad and two brothers in it and the very last time i took the boat out 2 years ago

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