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Thread: aluminum engine rails

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    Where can I buy some aluminium engine rails for my 76 Hondo?

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    One place is CP:
    "This race-designed kit is the ultimate in engine mounting. Super strength 6061-T6 aluminum plate mounts. Competition proven performance, ideal for high performance ski boats. Highly polished and comes with polished mounting feet. These are semi-custom designed to your boat. Available in anodized and coated finishes. Please call for applications. Final fitting is customers responsibility."

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    I have rail and plate and patterns for a kit final fitting is up to you.
    Kit includes front and rear plate, way oversize to make it work, motor blocks and two four foot rails.

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    Make 'em yer self.Gravey.

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    If all you want is plain rails just buy some 2 x 2 x 1/4 aluminum angle at a metal supply house. Look in the yellow pages..

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