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    I have a GM 350 1994 TBI in my truck. It will be time soon to freshen it up as the truck is still in excellent shape. Stock was 225hp. The newer Vortecs, I believe, are in the neighborhood of 285-300hp? I am not proposing a head swap to Vortecs with the manifold change or anything like that. I AM trying to find the limitations on adding power to my current set-up. I would swap in a little more cam with the refresh. Probably a roller cam and possibly rockers. I do not know and cannot find the limiting specs on my throttle body as well as the MAP sensor and computer. Does anyone know these items or direct me to a source of info. Surely someone must have already done a rebuild like this retaining the stock fuel injection, but bumped up the power without overriding the TBI, computer?
    Any help would be appreciated,

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    I had the same/similar motor in my 88 suburban which had the TBI with the 5.7l motor. What I did that saw huge gains was change the intake manifold and bolt on a pair of headers.
    For the intake I went with Edelbrock and I chose Thorley for headers. In addition to these changes they do make a chip for your truck as well. If you decide on headers make sure that you pick a set that have thick flanges that won't warp/leak. PM me if you have any questions.
    Also, Holley has an aftermarket injector that they make which you may want to look at.

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    When i changed out my engine on my 89 burb 210k miles.I put in comp cams 252h it helped out in the mid range with no loss in low.It was in 4x also had chip(which i felt was no real improvement)headers(were a pain in the ass both jbas and edelbrock)It passed smog easily with the improvements.Have since bought a new 2500hd with the 6.0.My old truck had no prob towing my toybox laoded which was prob 6500 pounds easily did 65 and about 40-45up hills up from 30-35 grapevine type hillsif no traffic to stop my roll then 50

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