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Thread: James Brown Arrested, again

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    James Brown Arrested
    'Godfather of Soul' to Face Domestic Violence Charge
    James Brown in police custody
    MIAMI (Jan. 28) - The ''Godfather of Soul,'' James Brown, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of committing domestic violence, South Carolina law enforcement officials said.
    Brown, 70, who has had several run-ins with the law and spent time in prison, was due to appear at a bond hearing Thursday, a spokesman for the Aiken County detention center said.
    Neither the Aiken County Sheriff's office nor the detention center would comment further.
    The soul singer, famous for hits including ''I Feel Good,'' was previously accused of beating his wife, Adrienne, in 1995.
    Brown served nearly three years in prison after he was arrested in 1988 for leading police on a car chase between South Carolina and Georgia.
    He also received a two-year suspended sentence in 1998 and entered a drug treatment program after pleading no contest to firearms charges.

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    That pic my friend is why I never tried the pipe.

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    Nick and James use the same person to get ready for jail:yuk:

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    I need to see that picture next to the one of George Clinton or maybe Don King!!

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